May 14, 2018

season opener


The weekend opening events are now behind us as the weather held off and we got to run our shows . It was on the cool side but we missed the rain which is always a good thing after many members towed great distance to participate. . EVAN THE WEATHER RESPECTS OUR 40TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY SEASON. The Friday show at Attica was well represented by Vintage Racers. We had about 25 cars on hand which made an interesting display of vintage car types., The threatening weather held us to one track session but we put on a good show when we got on the track. The track drew a large car count for the Late Model show and that racing was fast and furious. The 305 Sprints are fun to watch as the competition is always close. I want to thank the North Coast Vintage Oval track racers for inviting us to the event. The fans seemed to have an interest in the vintage cars with many asking question about the types and about vintage car racing. A few of us stayed the night and in the morning had our coffee and breakfast before heading to the Saturday night show at Waynsefield raceway. On the way down to Waynesfield, Bob Shelhorn spotted one of our trailer tires looking low so he pulled into a rest area and while filling the tire with air we found a bad valve stem. Well as all good racers know it is good to be prepared, we had a new valve stem in the trailer .So with the help of Bob and Gene Steele we pulled the tire and replaced the valve stem and got back on the road. Gene found a good spot to eat so we stopped there on the way. All this time we were watching the weather reports on the cell phones and talking to other members about the chance of getting the show in. Well it held off and we got on the track three times although the last time out for our feature was a little confusing. We hope the fans and track management enjoyed the effort we made in putting on our Travelling Museum of Vintage Racing cars. They had a great turn out for the UMP modified division cars and those drivers are to be complemented on the" flat out" style of racing. They really run hard . The Mod class has really evolved over the years into quality racing machines. You cant call them E'mods anymore. The vintage cars count at Waynesfield was not as good as we would have liked due to the weather forecast but we still had 12 cars. I want to thank all the members that made the effort in spite of the threatening weather forecast. With so many members needing to travel long distances to participate the weather sure plays into that decision. Well we have a couple weeks to get ready for the next big show at Angola Indiana. Lets hope summer gets here and looking forward to seeing more of you for this two days of action. The management at Angola really understands our mission and it will be a pleasure to run there. Remember this is a combined event with the Michiana Vintage Racers so we should see a bunch of quality cars and top notch people . This is truly an event to enjoy. Since this is an asphalt track be sure that you have only pure water in your cars engine. NO ANTI FREEZE. If you have plans to attend this show let me know so we can give the track a list of Drivers and Assistants. Hoping for warm weather and good turnout, Thanks Jim McDermott

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  • jbmcflyboy
    Jul 18

    I have just been checking the weather for this weekend event at Wayne County Speedway and it looks like it will be dry. No threat of rain at this time. That seems like a plus from the previous weeks doesn't it . Well as you most likely know the temperature is going up over the next few days. The forecast is for temps above 90 possible 95 or higher. I have been working on my sprint car trying to get the new injection system up and running . I have been thinking about where I can install an air conditioner in there some where. Don't think they had air in them in the old days they just wore tee shirts with no fire suits. Plan on bringing some ice and water and maybe some type of shade. Once you get into car the wing or roof will be helpful in that regard if your car has one, but by then the fire suit will add to the heat. Just because it will be hot doesn't mean we can leave off our protective gear. It gets tempting to not wear your underwear or two layer suits but that should not be considered. If the temp in the car gets high when you are strapped in it is helpful to pour a bottle of water over the back of your neck and on to your suit. It gets a little messy but it sure helps to cool down your body temp. We will try to avoid a long period of being strapped in to the cars but sometimes it happens so be ready. We are looking for a good turn out and I need to know who is planning on attending this event so contact me to let me know who will be driving and who your assistant will be. I will be emailing that list to the track so they know who will be coming to this event. This one of the premier track in the area so it should be a good show do not miss out on this one. We are going to try pit in the back of the pit area as many of the pit spaces are assigned and we do not want to have to move our haulers once we get unloaded. When you get there check with track personal to get direction to the vintage car parking area. Gates open at 4 pm  Looking forward to making this show and seeing you there. Thanks Jim McDermott
  • jbmcflyboy
    Jul 10

    7/9/19 Our next event will be this coming Friday at the Attica raceway. This event is sponsored by The North Coast Vintage Racers and VARC is invited to participate in the vintage car portion of the nights program. Plans are for the vintage cars to run after all the division run their hot laps. The vintage cars will get on the track and after a few warm up laps the vintage feature will be 15 laps. This will be the only track time for the evening. Should be done early in the program which should allow plenty of time to watch some outstanding sprint car racing from the other divisions. This is a very good track for watching dirt track races and it is one you should not miss. It is important for you to notify me or Randy Mapus if you are planning on attending this event. A list of drivers and your assistant will be sent to the track and if you are not on the list it may cause problems when you try to sign in. Get to me asap as the list will need to be sent in soon. Hope you can make it as it looks to be a very good display of our vintage racers. When you check in be sure to find out where the cars are to be placed for display and be ready to leave from the display area to the track for our race. Thanks, Jim McDermott
  • jbmcflyboy
    May 23

    The first event of the year for VARC was indeed a good one. It was the Veterans Appreciation Night and our partners with MVA were on hand to help honor the vets. We had a good car count and had a nice display and when our turn to hit the track came we were ready. It was good to see John Lawhorn make the show . He is a real dedicated member of the group and nothing keeps him out of the show. The pictures that Mickey Thompson added to our facebook page are very much appreciated. Great shots of the cars. Someone else added some pictures and again it is great that they make this effort.. If you have not checked out the facebook page take the time to look it over.  I would like to thank the track management for their efforts in getting us on the track for a heat race and a feature. From my seat it looked like a good show and when I went through the stands and asked the fans about the vintage cars they really seemed to enjoy our seeing our cars.  We seemed to be scattered around the pits but the regular racers where very good in helping us find places to park the tow vehicles. The regular drivers seem friendly and many were interested in our cars .They were asking about the types and age of the vintage cars. This track had a good turn out of cars and classes yet the program ran smoothly with a great deal of on track action. This is a great track for dirt track racing and one that you should put on your list of things to do. Since it was Veterans Night at intermission the track with the help of MVA put on a very nice program for all the veterans. All veterans were invited to come up to the front of the grandstands and be honored for their service to this country. Each was given a certificate of appreciation and they were interviewed and asked about their time and branch of service. The Veterans covered every branch and many different years. They even wanted to know who was the oldest veteran and our member Terry Wells topped the list at 78 years young. I think the veterans truly appreciated the honors from the fans. Our partners Motorsport Veterans Association MVA is planning more veterans nights at other tracks this season so if you are a veteran come on out  we would love to have you there.  Now onto the next show Scheduled at Angola Motorsports Park on May 25 and 26 With the Michiania Vintage Racers. This is always a great event for our groups. We get a lot of track time and get to see top notch racing as well.I have been looking at the long range weather forecast and it could be better. It is early yet and you know how many times we have had less than perfect weather forecast and yet have got in our show . Dont give up just because of a few rain drops. We will keep you posted. make plans to attend and be ready. It is always easier to be ready and cancel than not to be ready and have to scramble to get there.  The Raceciever  requirement seemed to go well. It was nice to be able to hear the track giving instruction to our cars on the track. I think it is an asset to our program as well as a real safety measure. I will will be ordering more units and if you need one let me know so I can set one aside for you.  Well I better get busy and get my cars ready and hope for some sunshine for this week end. Stay tuned Looking forward  to seeing you there. The gates open at 1 pm on Saturday with cars on track at 2 pm and don't forget that we have a cook out Saturday evening you might want to bring a dish to pass. Thanks Jim McDermott

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